Showing and Sharing Knowledge

We have been working with Traditional Owners in the Fitzroy River catchment in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, to help Indigenous land managers find better ways to use scientific and Indigenous knowledge for making decisions about their Country. Importantly, the project was founded on collaborative research agreements established with ten Traditional Owner groups.

By working and learning together, the Traditional Owners and our team co-developed three different ways of showing and sharing different types of knowledge: a 3D model of the Fitzroy River catchment for showing spatial data and cultural knowledge; an interactive projector for examining spatial data; and participatory power and influence mapping.

Traditional Owner partners reported that they learned a lot throughout the process, and that they built stronger relationships through working together. The 3D model, interactive projector, spatial data and power and influence maps will all be returned to the partner communities with appropriate training so they can continue to use them to inform decision making into the future.

See our videos about the Showing and Sharing Knowledge in WA’s Fitzroy River Catchment project: