Interactive mapping

December 8th, 2020

Interactive mapping provides a platform for working with multiple knowledge systems, empowering Indigenous leadership in environmental decision-making.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples govern or co-govern more than forty percent of the Australian continent, and their land and sea management delivers multiple environmental, cultural, social and economic outcomes. Empowering Indigenous leadership in environmental management is key to achieving these outcomes.

Together with our Indigenous partners, CSIRO co-designs and co-develops participatory interactive mapping tools that empower Indigenous leadership in environmental decision-making. Partnering with ten Traditional Owner groups in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, we co-created a 3D map of the Fitzroy River catchment, to show and share local cultural knowledge and western science knowledge. By weaving together Indigenous and western scientific knowledge systems, these tools foster the production of new knowledge, supporting Indigenous peoples’ decision-making to achieve their environmental and cultural governance and management planning goals.

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