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During the last few decades, the advancements in the field of information science were driven by the computational capabilities of microprocessors. However, as the scaling of microprocessors is reaching its limit, the future of the information technologies will belong to quantum processors. It is highly anticipated that the immense computational capabilities of quantum computers will have a revolutionary impact in many areas of research and development including machine learning, data science, health, climate modelling, renewable energy, materials design, and optimization problems. Despite tremendous advancements in quantum computing over the last decade, the current generation of quantum processors are still quite far from tackling real-world problems aka demonstrating quantum advantage. The future of quantum computing hinges on not only scalability of quantum hardware but also on the development of novel solutions in quantum software space.

At Data61, our interdisciplinary Quantum-ASA team is working on innovative quantum software platforms to enable quantum algorithms and applications for quantum computing with a particular focus on end-user demands. Working closely with CSIRO’s FSP Quantum Technologies program, our research aims to address critical challenges in enabling practical quantum computing by developing hardware agnostic quantum software stack with embedded quantum control and quantum error correction capabilities, quantum machine learning for cybersecurity, post-quantum cryptography for data security and quantum chemistry for clean energy. We are also focused on hybrid quantum-classical solutions where near-term quantum devices could help to boost the computational efficiency of well-established classical algorithms. Our research programs are heavily focused on developing end-user capabilities through an active engagement with both national and international industry and defence sectors to identify problems of interest and establish innovative solutions leveraging from quantum computing resources.

Our Team

  • Dr Muhammad Usman

  • Dr Seyit Camtepe
  • Dr Hajime Suzuki
  • Dr Dongxi Liu
  • Dr Josef Pieprzyk
  • Dr Shiping Chen

Other Members:

  • Dr Manolo Per
  • Dr Chandra Thapa (D61)
  • Mr Maxwell West (UoM)
  • Mr Shaobo Zhang (UoM)
  • Mr Spiro Gicev (UoM)
  • Mr Hoa Nguyen (UoM)
  • Mr Fanzhe Qu (UoM)

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