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Solving big problems with compact technology

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With an abundance of sun and wind, Australia needs more opportunities to better harness the power of its natural energy resources.

Technologies that are accessible, affordable, quieter and more efficient will allow Aussies to take charge, self-sufficiently supplying their own power needs.

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We want to help create a world where people are empowered to source and manage their own energy, where renewable energy sources work together to complement, and not compete, with each other.

Until now, renewable wind turbine technologies have been large, expensive and noisy – placing them out of reach for people passionate about powering their lives with renewable energy.

Diffuse Energy is creating renewable technologies that will enable a shift to a more self-sufficient energy model for anyone wanting energy equality.

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Our Diffuse Energy Wind Turbine

Shot of a couple out sailing on a yachtOur innovative turbine can produce nearly twice the power output of our competitors through the use of an integrated diffuser.

This diffuser also makes the turbine safer and virtually silent when compared to others on the market, both key considerations when looking to incorporate a turbine into your power ecosystem.

Our turbine is suitable for a number of power scenarios, including for homes and isolated communities, and is perfect for boat owners wanting to travel long distances, without the worry of power and marina berthing costs.

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Our turbines are perfect for:

  • Long distance sailors, interested in sustainable energy options
  • Remote locations with power supply difficulties
  • Anyone developing ‘off grid’ energy solutions
  • Remote monitoring and communication systems
  • Renewable energy installers, distributors and equipment suppliers

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We’re engineers with wind turbine, aerodynamics and design manufacturing expertise who are developing sustainable solutions for some of the biggest problems facing our planet.

Joss Kesby
Joss Kesby PhD (Mech Eng) Candidate, BEng (Civil), BEng(Survey)

Sam Evans
Sam Evans PhD (Mech Eng), BEng (Mech)

James Bradley
James Bradley PhD (Mech Eng) Candidate, BEng (Mech)

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