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CSIRO Decadal climate and weather forecasts could revolutionise agriculture

During extreme weather conditions, there is a tendency focus on short term and seasonal rainfall forecasts – this month, this season. Richard Matear gives an interview with Sharon O’Keeffe.
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Welcome to our new Research Scientists

In 2017 and 2018 we have welcomed 5 new research scientists on board the Decadal Climate Forecasting Project; Chris Chapman, Carly Tozer, Thomas Moore, Vassili Kitsios and Dougie Squire. Read more –


Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Mathematics of Climate Extremes

The postdoctoral position will carry out fundamental and innovative research on the casual relationships, dynamics and predictability of the drivers of climate variability and regimes. Use applied mathematics including dynamical systems theory in conjunction with coupled climate model simulations to explore and understand key dynamics that determines climate predictability and the casual relationships that underpin predictable processes.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ocean Atmosphere Carbon Fluxes

The postdoctoral position will focus on ocean processes, in particular observations of interactions between surface and subsurface waters and their influence on biogeochemistry, ocean productivity, and air-sea gas exchange. We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow with a background in oceanography and/or marine biogeochemistry to improve understanding and representation of air-sea CO2 fluxes at from diel to seasonal and longer timescales.


Postdoctoral Fellowship Position in Sea Ice Modelling

The postdoctoral position will contribute to CSIRO decadal climate forecast project by advancing sea ice modelling. Specifically, the position would pursue research to improve the sea ice realism through modifying sea ice parameters and code. The candidate would also be involved in research exploring ways to assimilate sea ice information into the Climate Analysis Forecast Ensemble system and in the assessment of the ability of data assimilation to improve sea ice behaviour. The position could also contribute to research exploring the potential predictability of sea ice and assessing the ability to forecast sea ice on seasonal to multi-year times scales. [CLOSED].

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Climate Regimes

The postdoctoral position will focus on developing novel advances mathematical methods for detection. attribution and characterisations of regimes and extreme events in high dimensional, multi-scale climate systems where long-term persistency and secular trends are present. The candidate will apply advanced stochastic modelling approaches, mode reduction methods and global optimisation methods to develop new approaches to climate regime identification and attribution in order to better understand casual relationships between observed and simulated regime behaviour in the major climate teleconnections and to attribute their secular behaviour to the relevant external (radiative) forcing(s).


Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ocean Atmosphere Dynamics

The postdoctoral position will contribute to the CSIRO Decadal Climate Forecast Project Team by investigating coupled ocean-atmosphere dynamics at various time scales. There remain many unanswered fundamental questions on air-sea dynamics that result in ocean variance with the potential to remain coherent on the multi-year to – decadal time scale, and how these anomalous ocean signals re-emerge at the ocean-atmosphere boundary. Working out how the ocean drives the low frequency variability of the tropical and mid-latitude atmospheric circulation is still very much an open question, but one of utmost important in understanding potential predictability of the climate system. The candidate will use various models and observations to study ocean – atmospheric coupling processes with the potential to provide climate predictability. The goal of this work is to provide a more complete understanding of the fundamental dynamics of ocean-atmosphere coupling that will lead to more reliable and skilful multi-year to decadal climate forecasts.