The inaugural Australian Geoscience Council Convention, AGCC 2018, was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre in Adelaide, Australia, Sunday 14 to Thursday 18 October, 2018.

October 24th, 2018

CSIRO had a large presence with close to 70 staff in attendance and a booth that showcased some of our fascinating science including the release of a new VR experience on carbon capture storage on the virtual reality system and one of the Mineral Resources teams demonstrating the handheld FTIR and the National Virtual Core Library infrastructure, which provides online access to geoanalytics from over 3000 drill cores from across the Australian continent.


The Convention program included a stellar line-up of Plenary and Keynote speakers, and the innovative Big Issues and Ideas in Geoscience Day that will focus on:


Our energy trilemma options – security, accessibility and sustainability

Resource-driven development of Northern and Regional Australia

Geoscience education and new modes of communication

Smoothing the impact of boom and bust commodity cycles


Mike McWilliams, leader of DEI FSP gave a keynote presentation on Geoscience at the frontiers plus an update on the progress of the FSP. 

Richard Chopping gave an insightful presentation in the diversity session on the makeup of the staff employed within the FSP and how the gender / country of origin / country of study and eventual transition to CSIRO evolved.