The National Wine Centre of Australia, Adelaide
Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th November 2022
Abstract submission will open in April 2022

Our ability to image, conceptualise and ultimately predict an energy, water or mineral resource is greatly enhanced if we can account for the processes governing the formation or evolution of the resource. The CSIRO Deep Earth Imaging Future Science Platform’s biennial subsurface symposium, Sub 22, is centredon how to best overcome the shared obstacles encountered on the journey from imaging structures to predicting processes. It will provide the geoscience community with:

  • A platform to contribute, discuss and learn about the interdependence between the science pillars imaging, conceptualisation and prediction for the exploration and characterisation of energy, mineral and water resources.
  • A forum for in-depth conversations about the transition from imaging structures to predicting processes and their outcomes, underway in the geosciences.

The event will deliver a diverse program of workshops, presentations, panel discussions, informal roundtables and networking opportunities providing attendees with opportunities to contribute and gain interdisciplinary insights into a wide range of scientific concepts among them:

  • Objectively accounting for petrophysical information in the inversion of geophysical data.
  • Extracting additional information from data so that complex models of subsurface processes can be better constrained.
  • Obtainging information about the processes governing the formation, evolution and properties of resources of all types.







The Deep Earth Imaging Future Science Platform’s inaugural conference in Perth in February 2020 was attended by over 100 delegates.