UX at Data61

May 6th, 2016

The Data61 User Experience team provide four clear benefits to clients and markets looking to initiate data driven change:

  1. Early and ongoing user and stakeholder engagement
    Understanding the business needs and user behaviour in context
    Assisting change management and stakeholder expectations
    Identifying data driven opportunities
  2. Future state ideation
    Designing ambitious and innovative systems for markets and clients
  3. Rapid prototyping and validation
    Communication of complex proposals to executive decision makers and teams
    Improving fit-for-purpose
  4. Delivery of high quality outcomes
    Usable and meaningful digital products and services

Being an in-house team, we have a unique set of values:

  • a direct connection to deep technology research at Data61
  • expertise working in the emerging technology sector
  • regular exposure to the coalface of data and innovation
  • a familiarity of working with multiple levels of uncertainty
  • the use of a multi-tiered design methodology
  • the ability to be involved end-to-end involvement from inception to delivery
  • founded on extensive commercial careers

Our work is primarily qualitative:

  • Focus on people, investigating their interactions with people and data
  • Explore the connections between users and expertise to find mutually beneficial interactions
  • Propose and measure how needs can be met through Data61 technologies

What do we do with teams?

We run workshops with stakeholders and users; we are an embedded team member; we run 5 day design sprints for startups.


Hilary Cinis
Principal User Experience Designer and User Experience Design Team Lead

Australian Technology Park
Level 5, 13 Garden Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015