Hero Projects

July 4th, 2016

We’ve explored, designed and evaluated emerging technology solutions for internal software, spin outs and clients on over 50 projects in the last 5 years.

Here’s the cream of the crop!

  • National Map – Official Australian Government spatial data visualisation platform
  • AREMI – The Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure
  • DFAT Free Trade Portal – Award winning site for assisting importers and exporters with tariffs
  • Key Roads Report RMS – Digital reporting of traffic on NSW key roads
  • Structural Health Monitoring – Anomaly detection and incident based maintenance
  • Intelligent Fleet Logisitics – Multiple award winning internal logistics team software for optimisation of fleets to maximise profitability
  • Coviu -Award winning real-time video communication platform for professional consulting businesses
  • Scyllarus Hyperspectral – data processing software for hyperspectral cameras*
  • Doarama – 3D GPS visualisation of sporting activities
  • Energy Usage Data Modeling – Understanding domestic energy usage
  • Hivery – Optimisation of vending machines using prescriptive analytics*
  • Ribit – Job placement for students
  • AutoMap – Physical asset management using computer vision*
  • N1 Analytics Confidential Computing – Fintech privacy preserving analytics
  • Terria Spatial Inference Engine – Probabilistic predictions using large spatial data sets
  • Fintech Phishing Project – phishing detection and prevention in banks
  • Dashboards – Australian Government real time data reporting
  • Svitzer – Port logistics for tug boats
  • Regourous – Automatic document compliance
  • Eventwatch – Sentiment analysis in social media
  • BusPlus – Off-peak public transport options in Canberra
  • Intelligent Digital Asset Management – Interoperability, discovery and management system
  • EPA Air Quality Monitoring – Temporal and spatial prediction of pollution
  • Groundwater Monitoring Optimisation  – Sustainable use of groundwater

*Software product or service UX design, not the marketing site.