Call for expressions of interest – Proposals for the Darwin Living Lab

May 4th, 2020

The CSIRO Darwin Living Lab is seeking your ideas for the next stage of the project. The Expressions of Interest for new projects in 2020/21 closed on the 1st of June. However, please do contact us at anytime to discuss your project ideas or collaboration opportunities that can help make Darwin a cool and more liveable city.

More detail on the process can be found here Project formation process 2020-21. This opportunity to engage and collaborate is open to researchers, government agencies, private sector and the community in the following key areas:

  • Heat mitigation trials and demonstration projects – Innovative approaches that can help achieve the vision for a cooler Darwin.
  • Develop knowledge products (e.g. benchmarking, evaluation tools, etc.) – Darwin-specific information and tools that can be used to assess opportunities for heat mitigation for healthier living and energy efficient tropical design
  • Community engagement – Approaches that enable an improved dialogue between Darwin Living lab partners and the Darwin community around heat mitigation and tropical design, which is inclusive of a diversity of viewpoints.

Themes for 2020-21

  1. Heat mitigation trials and demonstration projects

The Darwin Living Lab would like to develop the next generation of approaches to mitigate heat in Darwin. This could include proof-of-concept pilot projects and demonstration projects that evaluate approaches in the Darwin context. It is anticipated that each project will include monitoring, learning and evaluation to understand the potential of new approaches that can help achieve the vision of a cooler and more liveable Darwin. These experimental projects will bring together partners from across industry, community, local and territory government to trial practical approaches to cool Darwin. The Inaugural DLL Symposium that brought together Darwin stakeholders highlighted potential priorities for heat mitigation projects, which included the following:

  • The potential for increased urban greening in Darwin that incorporates Indigenous knowledge and considers local plant species that are resilient to the dry season and tropical cyclones, while maximising biodiversity benefits.
  • How water features can be used to improve thermal comfort in public open spaces that improves understanding of effectiveness in different seasons and impact on water demand.
  • Cooling and shading to improve thermal comfort for walking and cycling
  • Greening the road corridor between CBD and airport
  • Vegetated road medians in residential streets
  • Passive cooling through building and public open space design that encourage exposure to cooling breezes
  • Understanding how Darwin locals adapt their behaviour to manage individual thermal comfort
  1. Develop heat mitigation and tropical design knowledge products

These projects will develop the technical information and scientific knowledge that can support Darwin planners and other decision-makers in developing and implementing strategies for heat mitigation and energy efficient tropical design, such as:

  • Valuing multiple benefits and services provided by Green Infrastructure
  • Smart city products associated with Thermal Comfort and Heat Stress
  • Integrated planning that considers project opportunities and risks from a range of perspectives (e.g. health, economic, biodiversity, etc.)
  1. Community engagement

The Darwin Living Lab seeks to improve the dialogue with the Darwin community around urban heat mitigation, liveability, sustainability and resilience. This is to include a diversity of community perspectives in Darwin Living Lab activities.  One vehicle that we will use to do this is the annual symposium, but we are seeking additional ideas and proposals to be developed around:

  • Citizen science
  • Larrakia and Indigenous involvement.

If you or your company/institution would like to co-develop work within these themes, we would like to hear from you as early as possible.

Kind regards,

Nerida Horner
Darwin Living Lab Coordinator