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The Data Access Portal provides RESTful web services APIs for programmatic use of the DAP, as well as an OAI-PMH provider for harvesting metadata.

There are four main groups of web service endpoints that can be used:

Endpoints Status Also known as Access Description Documentation Deprecated /ws/v1 Public – read only Use this to search and access DAP collections.

Documentation no longer available

For information see Deprecation of Stable /ws/v2 Public – read only Use this to search and access DAP collections. Deprecated /api/v1 CSIRO staff only:
  • GET
  • POST
Use this to programmatically create DAP collections.  Not all DAP features implemented. Stable / In Development /api/v2 CSIRO staff only All deposit features available in the DAP user interface.

Comparison of Versions

For searching and accessing DAP collections, we strongly recommend the use of /ws/v2 (

For most existing uses of the deprecated /ws/v1 it would be sufficient to substitute the text



Feature /ws/v1 (deprecated) /ws/v2 (stable)
Responses in JSON or XML Yes Yes
Authenticate as CSIRO staff, Partners or OPAL user No Yes
Search collections by keyword Yes Yes
Search by location No Yes
Search by:
  • contributor
  • business unit
  • research program
  • research group
  • cost centre
  • WBS
  • Field of Research code
No Yes
Search by publication date range No Yes
Apply search facets to filter results No Yes
Retrieve collection metadata Yes Yes
List a collection’s available versions Yes Yes
List a collection’s files Partial Yes
Retrieve a file from a collection

(for mounted collections < 10GB)

Yes Yes
List a collection’s supporting attachments Yes Yes
Retrieve a supporting file from a collection Yes Yes
Retrieve image thumbnails from a collections No Yes
List accessible download options for a collection No Yes
List the folder tree for a collection No Yes
Retrieve a paginated list of files for a given folder in a collection No Yes
Retrieve a list of files as a zip archive No Yes
Export a collection’s file level metadata to Excel No Yes
Mount a collection No Yes
Retrieve a licence Yes Yes
Retrieve a list of “external system” tags Yes Yes
Retrieve a list of collections for a external system tag Yes Yes
AAHL Virus Image Search endpoints No Yes
ATNF Pulsar Observation Search endpoints No Yes
CASDA Observation Search endpoints No Yes
CASDA Skymap Search endpoints No Yes

Deprecation of

The original DAP web services interface ( is now deprecated.  We advise all users of this web service to migrate their code to use was decommissioned in February 2024.

/ws/v2 supports all the features of and adds more capabilities.

For almost all uses of it is possible to substitute




e.g.:# old web services # /ws/v2 web services

A notable exception is when encoding DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers). encoded slashes – or “/” – as a tilde – or “~’ – character.  /ws/v2 uses unencoded slashes.# e.g. for # old web services encodes the slash as ~ # /ws/v2 web service does not use an encoded slash

Unlike other identifiers that can be used with /ws/v2, DOIs may only be used to retrieve collection metadata.  Use the restful links found in the response to navigate to other endpoints related to the collection, e.g.# e.g. for # Use the following URL to retrieve the collection metadata. # Get the “versions” value from the response to find URLs for all versions. # This uses the Data Collection ID.

Read more about DAP identifiers at Understanding DAP Collection Identifiers