Project: Real-time Passive Tracking and Situational Awareness

December 3rd, 2019

Real-time Passive Tracking and Situational Awareness is a new technology developed by the Cybernetics Group at CSIRO’s Data61 which detects the presence of human beings and their movements in WiFi covered areas by analysing their subtle impact on WiFi waveforms.

Its predecessor technology is our Wireless Ad-Hoc System for Positioning (WASP), a world-leading high accuracy indoor localisation system which is highly flexible and can be tailored to a wide range of challenging environments and demanding applications.

Our new Real-time Passive Tracking and Situational Awareness is ideal for passive tracking of uncooperative WiFi devices. It can be useful to deliver situational awareness for public safety and security, to understand social behaviours, and to develop policies to better govern privacy and publicity (or even develop counter-measures).

Amongst other advantages of using the system are:

  • Its strong scalability for a large number of devices
  • Its application in:
    • Public safety (e.g., bushfire), and delivering real-time situational awareness, e.g., for decongestion, access control and public security
    • Scientific discoveries as it can aid identification of social behaviours and animal welfare
    • Driving policy-making to govern privacy and publicity

Capture of computer simulation of simultaneously tracking a target and mapping the environment.

Our highly skilled team of world class researchers and engineers is open to partnerships and collaborations for research, development, and commercialisation.

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