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de Souza P, Marendy P, Barbosa K, Budi S, Hirsch P, Nikolic N, et al. Low-Cost Electronic Tagging System for Bee Monitoring, Sensors 2018, 18, 2124. This paper describes the platform developed for bee monitoring, including the system approach to Data Specification Format, QA/QC and known issues the users (worldwide) will need to pay attention to. It is a fundamental paper to be cited by all users of the system.
Budi S, Susanto F, de Souza P, Timms G, Malhotra V, Turner P. In search for a robust design of environmental sensor networks. Environmental Technology 39(6):1–17, 2017 Proposal of a generic approach to the deployment of environmental sensor networks providing maximum robustness with minimum redundancy. The same approach can be applied across domains.
Wu K, Ni W, Su T, Liu R, Guo Y. Fast and Accurate Estimation of Angle-of-arrival for Satellite-borne Wideband Communication System. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 36(2): 314–326, 2018.


This paper discovers important properties in received signal phases of large-scope antenna arrays. This enables unprecedented elimination of estimation ambiguities which cannot be addressed by existing techniques, and achieve orders of accuracy improvement.
Lyu X, Ni W, Tian H, Liu R, Wang X, Giannakis G B, Paulraj A. Optimal Schedule of Mobile Edge Computing for Internet of Things using Partial Information. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 35(1):2606–2615, 2017.


This paper establishes stochastic optimisation in asymptotically optimal online signal processing, where optimal decisions can be made slot by slot without a priori knowledge on variations while optimality is proved rigorously over infinite time. This work is based on collaboration with Professor Giannakis (UMN) and Professor Paulraj (Stanford).
Arvidson R, Squyres S W, Bell J F, Catalano J, Clark B C, Crumpler L, de Souza P, et al. Ancient Aqueous Environments at Endeavour Crater, Mars. Science 343(6169):1248097, 2014 This paper describes the spectroscopic in-situ discovery of evidences pointing to a favorable for prebiotic chemistry and microorganisms than those recorded by younger sulfate-rich rocks at Meridiani Planum.

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