One of our services is to make custom blocks, either for use in your own lab or for fine screen optimisations in C3. Regardless, you own the blocks and you are free to take them at any time. Each block undergoes a HTP pH assay to make sure the conditions reflect the design.

How do you get us to make a block for you?

You have to create a design for the block, using See3.  Then you have to ask C3 to prepare the block for you (more info on this in Make a booking).

Then if you want to use this nascent block in a crystallisation plate, you have to create a normal nanodispenser booking for the crystallisation plate asking for that block to be use.  This block becomes available in the batchload wizard only when it has been physically made.

If you need to make the nanodispensor booking before the block has been created, use My Design Placeholder as the matrix design.

Blocks that remain in C3 are made available for public use after one month via anonymous identity on the C6 webtool. If you do not want your block to be used by other people, please collect it as soon as it has been used for screening in C3. Blocks are typically disposed 24 months after we make them.

A typical C3 Block – it contains a name, barcode, username, institute and creation date.