We’ve developed a new sparse kit called Shotgun.

What is the shotgun kit?

The shotgun kit is the result of an analysis into the most successful commercially available crystallisation conditions. It is 96 unique conditions, and is setup as a sparse matrix kit. We’ve included it as our sparse screen in 1-Click Screening.

How did we do that?

By aligning the 15000+ unique conditions from commercial vendors with protein crystallisation information captured in the Protein Data Bank (PDBe), and sorting to find the 96 ‘best’ conditions. The analysis highlighted we still have some work to do on naming standards! A full publication is available from Acta Cryst.

Is it better than JCSG+ kit?

We hope so. JSCG+ was designed using a similar approach, but back in 2004. More than 70% of the structures in the current PDB were solved after 2004, so it was time for an update (and it was IYCr2014). Given the empirical nature of protein crystallisation, we won’t know until it is tested out.

Can you tell me what is in it?

Like all of our public screens, the conditions that make up Shotgun can be readily found on the C6 website. Login using the big red button on the top right of this page.

Where can I get it?

Shotgun is available for use in C3. If you’re on the other side of the world and don’t want to courier your protein to us, then you can buy SG1 from Molecular Dimensions.