Novice Guide

This guide gives a very basic overview of sample preparation and initial screening strategies. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the C3 Process (shown below).  We assume that any samples submitted have been tested by you for their suitability in a crystallisation trial.

  • There are no guarantees in protein crystallisation
  • There is no single right way of setting up a crystallisation experiment

One thing is certain: the most important factor is your protein – it is the one constant factor through all of your experiments. You will have to make choices and compromises during a crystallisation campaign –  for example, the more concentrated your protein the less sample volume you will have, which reduces the number of experiments that can be trialled.  However, a hit is more likely from a concentrated protein solution.  Thus there is a constant interplay between concentration and volume, and consequently the amount of information you can decipher from any series of experiments.

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