Nano Dispenser

Follow this step by step guide on how to successfully make a booking to complete a Nano Dispenser experiment (this is the technique we use for Soluble Proteins):

  1. Use the Sample Calculator to check how many screens you can complete
  2. Make sure you know which screens or sets of screens you would like to use (C6 Webtool)
  3. Login to the Booking Site and select the Nano Dispenser resource
  4. Use the Booking Wizard to help complete a successful batchload file*
  5. Complete the online form (see details on specific information below)

*Each booking is limited to 2 samples (e.g. if you need to run 6 samples through a single screen it will require 3 bookings). If you’re waiting on a block to be made using the Tecan, please use My Design Placeholder in the booking wizard, and add the design name in the comment section.

Download the Batchload Wizard Help guide for extended information.

Sample Properties

If your sample has a high level of viscous chemicals (e.g. >10% glycerol), any detergents, is extremely concentrated or temperature sensitive (e.g. bicells) then you must tell us about it, so we can decide how best to set the sample up.

IF WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH INFORMATION THEN YOUR SAMPLE MAY BE DISPENSED INCORRECTLY! This is a non-recoverable event – you’ll lose your protein and we’ll have to clean and calibrate devices, no one is happy.

If you are concerned that the contents of your sample may make it difficult to dispense and are unsure about how to describe this in the booking software, please contact us.

Important Information!

You have to tell us if the project is Commercial or Non-Commercial

You must notify us if the sample is toxic; in doing so you will need to tell us how to best handle it before we will authorise it

Make a comment in both the Booking Wizard and in the comment field of the form for any deviations from a standard experiment

Please email us or call us if you have any uncertainties with regard to your experiment set up

Your plates will only be held at C3 for a finite time – read more.