Lipidic Cubic Phase for Membrane Protein Crystallisation

The process for LCP involves a bit of work in between protein production and submitting the sample to C3.

LCP is the technique we use for Membrane Proteins.

Membrane protein experiments have a short shelf life (about a month according to the Caffrey group)

First, you have to obtain hardware to create an LCP sample:

Before booking an LCP experiment, you will need to obtain the following items – we are unable to supply these. Plan ahead, delivery to Australia can take a couple of weeks!

Next, mixing the LCP is something you need to do:

We do not mix the MO with the protein, this is something that you’ll have to do. We are happy to guide/assist the first few times, in which case you will need to bring the items listed above to the C3 lab. We strongly recommend you practice mixing MO with water on your own, just to get a feel for how it behaves. The checklist for LCP is then:

  • Order items required to mix MO and protein
  • Talk with C3 about getting help mixing things, OR
  • Mix things yourself and deliver a syringe full with LCP (we recommend 20uL of LCP per plate)

Once this has been completed the booking process is very similar to booking a nano-dispensor job; simply login to the booking system using your C3 user account and select the LCP resource. Start with the big red ‘Start Here’ button, and fill out the information requested in the batchload wizard. Fill out the remaining information as required.