Access C3

How to access C3

Please take time to read this carefully as it involves setting a formal, legal contract with CSIRO.

Step One – Institute Agreement

An Institute Access Agreement must be in place: This is a legally binding agreement that identifies the basic responsibilities of us (CSIRO) and you.  A person that can legally represent your institute is required to complete this, i.e. a department head or a business unit manager.

  • Please note that individual research groups within one University require independent agreements; if you are not part of a group that is listed even though it is the same University, you will need to obtain a new Access Agreement.

Click here to find out if you are part of a group with an existing Access Agreement.

If there is no agreement in place, click here to register your institute.

  • Example: C3 Facility Usage Agreement – Domestic
  • Example: C3 Facility Usage Agreement – International

Step Two – User Account

An Individual User Account must be created: This allows you to book experiments, access the web based interactive tools and provides us with a point of contact for specific experimental details. There can be many Individual User Accounts under a single Institute Access Agreement, but we recommend you talk to your immediate supervisor before creating an account.  You can use your home Institute credentials (e.g. your email address for your home university) to create an account through the AAF login available. Many of our user groups create a special email distribution list and use this email address as the C3 user account. That way the user account is accessible to everyone who is a member of the distribution list.

Step Three – Password and Username

Set you password; your username will always be the email address that is linked to your account.

  • We recommend setting your password to something strong, i.e. eight characters containing three of the four character subsets (lower case, upper case, symbol and/or numeric).
  • What to do if you forget your password.