1-Click Screening

The easiest way to book a protein sample for screening at the C3.

1-Click Screening is an innovation offered by the C3 to simplify the process of screening for crystal hits.  It is aimed at our clients with no previous knowledge of how the C3 operates, and with limited experience in macromolecular crystallisation.

What is included?

1-Click Screening sets up a sensible initial screen consisting of 384 conditions (4 x 96-well plates).  This strategy tests temperature, reproducibility, and uses both sparse matrix and grid based screens.

What do I need to give C3?

You are required to provide 70 uL of purified, concentrated protein sample to C3.  You can submit up to two samples; 70 uL of EACH sample needs to be provided.  Your sample must be delivered to C3 (hand-carried or couriered) within ONE CALENDAR WEEK of requesting the 1-Click Screen.

How much does it cost?

$480, regardless of whether you submit one or two samples.

How do I access 1-Click Screening?

  1. You must have an active account with the C3
  2. Then login to the C3 booking webtool
  3. From here, click on the “1-Click Screening” link (found underneath the red Easy C3 bar)
  4. Make sure to fill out all the details, including the sample(s) sequence, and click Book

1-Click Screening – under the red EASY C3 Bar

What have I booked?

This process selects the kits Shotgun, PACT and PS gradient at 20°C, and Shotgun at 8°C, with fixed droplets of 150 nL protein mixed with 150 nL of reservoir solution.

The Shotgun  screen1 is a set of the most successful commercial conditions as determined from the crystallisation information extracted from the PDB. The PACT screen is a systematic screen testing pH, anions, cations and uses polyethylene glycol as the major precipitant. The PS gradient screen is a systematic screen testing pH and different concentrations of two widely used crystallisation salts: ammonium sulfate and sodium malonate.

All the details and form filling typically required are automated, and the experiment is scheduled one calendar week from the time you complete the 1-Click Screening process.

If you would like to change the date of the 1-Click screening you can simply reschedule it using the booking software after you have made the booking.

But, what if this isn’t what I want?

Then you will need to use the standard booking system.


1. Fazio, V. J., Peat, T. S. & Newman, J. (2014). Acta Cryst. F. 70, 1303–1311.