Making a Booking

If you are looking for the booking software click here

The web based booking software allows you to schedule your experiments, and is designed so that information C3 needs to set up your experiments can be entered easily and unambiguously. The booking software is also a repository of information about all your experiments, including reports and comments from C3. Using the booking software you can book

  • Crystal Screening experiments (Nano Dispenser resource)
  • Custom optimisation blocks (Tecan resource)
  • Lipidic Cubic Phase crystallisation experiments (LCP resource)
  • Differential Scanning Fluorimetry experiments (Stability resource)
  • Use of the C3 microscopes (Microscope resource)

Terms of the C3 Access Agreement

Commercial Work:

Under the terms of the Access Agreement you must tell us if the work is commercial, by selecting the appropriate radio button at the top of each booking form. Work which is partially or fully paid for by a for-profit organisation is commercial.

C3 is happy to do commercial work for you, but must charge commercial rates for the work.

Acknowledgement of C3:

Any publications or presentations that result from work conducted at C3 must acknowledge the facility. If we’ve spent a lot of time helping you to design and interpret experiments then recognition by authorship on any publication might be appropriate as well.