Pipetting for Crystallisation

For a more detailed guide, click here for Gilson pipetting guide.

Rules of Pipettes:

Don’t set them past the maximum volume (even if you can). The max volume is shown on Gilson pipettes on the top of the plunger.

Make sure the tip eject arm is firmly in place. Don’t suck liquid up into the barrel of the pipette.

Don’t trust the dispensed volume of the pipette unless you have reason to.

  • Calibrate your pipettes regularly
  • Know your aspirate volumes and check to see if it looks reasonable when aspirated
  • Get the pipette volume if worried using a balance

If you borrow a pipette from someone/somewhere – RETURN IT!

How to Pipette:

Recognise the two plunger levels – stop 1 is for aspiration, stop 2 is only for dispensing.

Ensure the (appropriate) tip is firmly attached (Double Tap).

To aspirate – Set the desired volume finishing with a clockwise rotation (this increases reproducibility). Then press plunger to position one, place the end of the pipette tip just underneath the surface of the liquid to be aspirated, and slowly release the plunger. If the liquid is very viscous, release the plunger very very slowly.

Place the end of the pipette tip against the sidewall of the recipient tube (or coverslip) when dispensing. Support the arm that is dispensing with the other hand.