Full Range Optimisation Screening

Our robotics allow us to complete combinatorial mixing from a wide range of stock solutions, followed by many possibilities for dispensing nano-volume screening experiments. We also offer a wide range of additive screening and have the capability to rapidly
complete seeded experiments.

All of our experiments are (currently) based on a 96 well format, with dual subwells on our crystal screening plates (up to 192 experiments based on 96 crystallant conditions).

What Can We Do?

  • Fine Screening – stepping cautiously around a hit condition
  • Additive Screening – various chemical additives to a single hit condition
  • Seeding – increasing nucleation events in any screen
  • Kinetic Modulation – controlling the rate at which vapour equilibrium is reached
  • Combination Screening – using multiple optimisation strategies in one experiment

USER GUIDE: Optimisation

Custom Blocks

Fine screening from a hit crystallant condition requires the generation of a custom block, these can be created for you at C3.  You simply create a design (from up to 16 unique stocks) of what you want using See3 or C6, and request it to be made by creating a TECAN booking on the booking web site.

We have hundreds of stocks of chemicals, and we can normally make up your custom block immediately.  We can make up arrays of 24 or 96 conditions with 0.5-1.5 mL of each condition for you.