C3 Sample Drop Off

Hand delivered samples can be supplied to C3 in two ways (for Frozen Samples click here):

  • Handed directly to staff (unavailable right now)
    • User must sign-in via reception and a C3 staff member will be contacted to escort the user up to the facility

Follow the illustrated steps below to deliver your samples directly into the CSIRO store, where we can pick them up.

(If reception is not responding, call us (9662 7326 or 9662 7492) and we will come down and get the sample from you. There will be no receptionist between 1-1:30 pm, so don’t try to drop samples off then. Email us (c3@csiro.au) to let us know that you have delivered your sample. And we can get creative – phone, text, WebEx, sSack, Teams, FaceTime, WhatsApp whatever so we can continue to talk to each other about what would be best for your sample. We are still here for you.)

Delivering your sample to the store

Store is located at the left side of the building, so don’t go to reception, go straight to the store:


Press the intercom button to be connected to reception, they will buzz you in

The C3 fridge is located to the left upon entry, leave your ice-filled esky somewhere obvious.  Label your esky. Label your esky well. Label your samples even more well.

Store your samples at the appropriate temperature:

Room temperature samples in the box on top of the fridge

Put your ice-filled esky with samples in the fridge.

Reception will notify us that you have delivered a sample