C3 Sample Drop Off

Hand delivered samples can be supplied to C3 in two ways (for Frozen Samples click here):

  • Handed directly to staff (preferable)
    • User must sign-in via reception and a C3 staff member will be contacted to escort the user up to the facility


  • Placed in the C3 Incoming Sample Fridge
      • Located at the left side of the building

    • Press the intercom button to be connected to reception, they will buzz you in
    • the C3 fridge is located to the left upon entry
    • place your samples at the appropriate tempreture
        • room tempreture samples in the box on top

        • 4°C samples inside the refrigerator

    • reception will notify us that you have delivered a sample

While we prefer you to deliver samples directly to facility staff we understand that sometimes that is not achievable. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact C3 staff.