User Meeting 2016

User Meeting 2016

1 April 2016

10th Annual C3 User Meeting – “Back to the Future (of C3)”

This year we celebrate1 10 years of C3 operation. All are invited – so if you were to share a link to this page or press a copy of the flyer into the open hands of anyone you think might appreciate/enjoy/need the experience that would be awesome.

Or simply shake our heads in bemusement.

Download the flyer

We will hit you up with the following:

  • “Why don’t my crystals diffract” James Holton
  • “MO – it’s not the only phase you go through” Alex Zabara
  • “Why I got into Crystal Meth…ods” Stephanie Li
  • “Score more by dealing with Cinder” Nick Rosa
  • “C3: how we hope to keep you using” Janet Newman

Some things are certain:

  • We encourage interaction and reward it (with the exception of Projectile Tomato Interaction, which will be firmly discouraged)
  • If you want to present at this meeting, we can often accommodate that desire. Let us know!
  • We will provide you with a nice glass of something and a bite to eat, courtesy of Art Robbins Industries (an RSVP will help).
  • The location will be 343 Royal Parade Parkville in the second floor conference room.

Your C3 Team.