User Meeting 2015

User Meeting 2015

27 March 2015

Catch us while you can!!!

On the 27th of March we invite you to join us for the 9th Annual* C3 User Meeting. As usual, we will talk about crystals: how to get ‘em, how to find ‘em, how to make ‘em better. We will not be talking about their harmonic vibrations. (Much)

The focus of this year’s event is:

“Tools and Toys”

A prize will be presented to the person who asks either the most amusing or pertinent question.

We encourage you to come and talk about your tool(s) and toys as well – if we don’t have volunteers, we will just find people and press gang them (very sweetly) into speaking.

We will be providing nibbles and sips. If you don’t RSVP, we will doubtless under-cater, particularly given CSIRO’s current financial straits.  We will not be repeating the fairy bread fiasco from last year.


Your C3 Team








*the $64 x 103 question – will there be a 10th ?  We have bookies poised to take your bets…