ACMC 2011

Australian Course in Macromolecular Crystallisation 2011

The third Australian Course in Macromolecular Crystallisation, ACMC 2011

16 December 2011


The course will be held primarily at the University of Melbourne in Parkville and the Australian Synchrotron in Clayton, Victoria.

ACMC Round Up!

The  2011  Australian  Course  in  Macromolecular Crystallisation course was held in Melbourne from 12 to 16 December 2011. The course had 20 students, chosen from 40 applicants and from all around Australia and New Zealand.

Of the 20, eleven were PhD or Masters students, five were postdocs, four were staff scientists/technicians and one was a lab head. Six ASBMB members were sponsored to attend the course: Andrew Perry (Monash University), Bhumika Shah (Macquarie University), Fung Lay (La Trobe University),  Sophie  Broughton  (St  Vincent’s  Institute), Natalie  Burr  (Massey  University)  and  Khatira  Anwari (WEHI).

The course consisted of 16 lectures, delivered by four international and eight Australian experts, and almost 20 hours of lab practicals. The last day was spent at the Australian Synchrotron, where we had the use of both macromolecular crystallography beamlines, and the students worked on crystal retrieval, cryoprotection, X-ray data collection and were introduced to data processing.

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Invited lecturers included:

  • Bernhard Rupp (QED Life Science Discoveries)
  • Jim Pflugrath (Rigaku Americas)
  • Jamila Jancarik (University of California)
  • as well as stars from around Australia.