Overview of the CSIRO C3

The mission of the C3 is to not only set up experiments following stringent QA/QC protocols,
but also to develop novel tools and techniques to aid the process of obtaining diffraction quality crystals for our users.

Welcome to C3!

Why are we pointing you to this website?

  1. It contains extensive user guides, outlines crystallisation strategies and answers to FAQs
  2. It is a portal to the online software you will need to book, view and design experiments
  3. We use it as a channel to promote events and publications

How to navigate the site?

The site is divided into tabs found across the top of each page, with drop-down menus listing subtopics. The webtools can be accessed on the landing page. There is also a search box available on the banner.

The C3 experience will be much better if you browse the guides before using the centre.

  • About: This describes who we are, why we’re doing it and the technology we use.
  • Services: This breaks down our platform into streamlined categories
  • User Guides: Describes each service, how to access (book) them, and some suggestions on what to do
  • FAQs: Answers to our most FAQs – a great tab for new and novice users
  • Tips and Tricks: An ever growing set of information regarding topics from expression of transgenic proteins to structural biology.
  • References: We list all C3 associated papers, publication highlights and reference texts
  • Events: A list of upcoming and previous events. Send us yours to post!
  • Contact: How to reach us, where and when

What about the C3 status?

The centre aims to operate 24/7/365 – but occasionally things go awry. We push critical operating updates via Twitter. We recognise that not everyone is a tweeter, so our feed is built into the landing page.

We also use twitter to engage with the global scientific community. Our handle is @CSIROC3 and we like the tag #ozxtals. We’d like to see more, a lot more, about structural biology and its many applications and benefits on twitter.

Finally, if you have questions about C3 that you can’t find answers to on this website then it is best to email c3@csiro.au, as this email is seen by all the staff at C3.

Team C3