Nano Dispensing Robots

Art Robins Phoenix (who says there is only ever one Phoenix?)

  • Ideal for dispensing most proteins and screens
  • Uses ‘ink-jet’ technology to dispense protein samples sequentially (Phoenix I)
  • Uses 2 water-backed nanotips tips to dispense protein samples in parallel (Phoenix II)
  • Provides accurate dispensing at low (150 nL) volumes
  • Fastest machine for multiple plates using the same sample(s)

TTP Labtech Lipid Cubic Phase (LCP) Mosquito

  • Excellent for creative dispensing (seeding, additives, viscous sample)
  • Disposable positive displacement tips
  • Used to set up samples in the lipidic cubic phase
  • Fastest and most reliable machine, but expensive to run

TTP Labtech Crystal Mosquito

  • Disposable positive displacement tips
  • Located in a 4ºC room
  • Ideal for temperature/light sensitive samples

Douglas Instruments Oryx4

  • Three channels which dispense simultaneously (e.g. protein+crystallant+seeds)
  • Sitting or hanging drops
  • Very low dead volume requirement
  • Slow, so not used generally as a front line machine