Data Management

The automation and robotics that you see in C3 are certainly the most visible part of the centre, however the most important part are the data and IT management. This requires a sophisticated network of hardware and database infrastructure.

We utilise the expertise of a scientific programmer (Dr. Vincent Fazio) and rely on support from a range of information technologists to develop and maintain this. The flow-chart below shows the flow of data through C3 to See3.

C3 Database

The hub of the data management is the CM database which contains all the information about users, experiments and results.
Information comes into the CM database primarily through the booking software (batchload wizard) and the imagers, and is presented to the user through the CrystalTrak application (desktop client) and the See3 web service.
Behind the experimental information presented to users, the CM database manages our chemical/stock lists, the screen designs and screen recipes (which are generated to work with the TECAN robot).



Data management flow chart