IT Infrastructure

The C3 database is hosted on a virtual server backed up daily and maintained by the CSIRO computing gurus.

The booking software database is an independent Oracle™ database, hosted in Sydney, but this system uses the C3 database for user authentication.

We keep the images collected by the imager online as long as we have the space, currently the images are ‘live’ for over a year.

The C6 webtool has another database associated with it: this database contains the distance metric information which is fundamental to the C6 service, and these data are updated from the C3 database daily.

Long term storage of your data

We have built an archiving application which creates a data packet containing all the information associated with your experiment: images, user scores and chemistry, as well as a rudimentary viewing tool.  These data packets are created after the last scheduled inspection of your plate(s).  (Big thanks to Chris Russell and Vincent Fazio for this)

The data packages are available for download for three months after they have been created.  An automated email is sent to the user when the data are available with instructions on how the data may be downloaded.