Pricing and Policy

Pricing and Policy

The Collaborative Crystallisation Centre aims to have a transparent pricing system. We charge on a per-plate basis, and the charges for non-commercial experiments recover our direct costs only. As of Q2 2020, we will be including the GST in the quarterly invoices.

Crystallisation is a complicated and subtle process, with no clear precedents for service centres such as the C3.  Our policy about acknowledgement of the Centre and authorship of publications resulting from work performed in the C3 recognises that different users will have different interactions with the Centre and the staff of the Centre.


The Collaborative Crystallisation Centre is a fee-for-service (non-profit) technology platform fully operated by the CSIRO. Our mandate is to provide access to expertise and technology for research groups who do not otherwise have it. All fee-for-service assays conducted at the C3 are done so under a NATA accredited R&D/testing quality management system.

Entering into an access agreement with C3 invokes a legal responsibility to acknowledge all work that was performed in C3 in any publication/presentation that results from or includes work that was performed in the Centre.  The following phrase is ideal to paste into your acknowledgements section: “…the CSIRO Collaborative Crystallisation Centre (, Melbourne, Australia…”  In any instance where the staff of C3 have contributed to the intellectual process of the work performed in C3, it is expected that the users will follow the guidelines as presented in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Asking for help with using the infrastructure of C3 (for example how to use the booking system) falls under the umbrella of “service”, and is recognised by the general acknowledgement of the Collaborative Crystallisation Centre.

Input from C3 staff into preparing your sample, the design of your experiments or the interpretation of your results for your  projects warrants more than the general acknowledgment. In these cases, authorship for the appropriate C3 staff member on publications resulting from that work may well be appropriate, according to the Code of Research.


The Collaborative Crystallisation Centre has two levels of pricing (Current from March 2017):

  • Non-commercial
  • Commercial

A sample should be considered commercial if it is not non-commercial.  Non-commercial research is entirely government or charity funded research which will be published. Any research completed in an academic institution but which is even partially funded by an industrial or commercial research partner is commercial.

We rely on the individual user to notify the Centre if the submitted samples are commercial. The user indicates if a sample is commercial by selecting the “commercial” checkbox in the on-line form at the time of booking.


  • An invoice will be sent quarterly for any work performed in C3 (January, April, July and October).

Standard 96 well plate crystallisation plates (includes setup, imaging and data archiving)

  • Non-commercial:  $120.00 ex GST
  • Commercial:  $240.00 ex GST

Lipidic cubic phase (LCP) crystallisation plates (includes setup, imaging and data archiving)

  • Non-commercial:  $150.00 ex GST
  • Commercial:  $300.00 ex GST

Differential scanning fluorimetry (DSF) stability screening (includes setup, raw data and software)

  • Non-commerical:  $120.00 ex GST
  • Commercial:  $240.00 ex GST

Late delivery of samples (less than an hour before scheduled setup time) without prior email agreement will be subject to a late fee of $200.00 per booking.

Generation of custom screens (if more than 16 stock solutions and/or specialised chemicals are required the cost may vary)

  • Non-commercial:  $120.00 + $2.75/ml of reagent created ex GST
  • Commercial:  $240.00 + $2.75/ml of reagent created ex GST

C3 does NOT make up commercially available screens for users.

Generation of single conditions (‘1 well tube’ through the TECAN booking system)

  • Non-commercial:  $25.00 + $2.75/ml of reagent created ex GST
  • Commercial:  $50.00 + $2.75/ml of reagent created ex GST

Failure to provide the sample(s) 1 hour prior to a booking, failure to provide sufficient sample(s) to complete the booked experiment or failure to provide unambiguous information as to the experiment required may result in the C3 not completing your experiments. CSIRO may charge for the uncompleted booking in these cases.

PLEASE NOTE: The fee is on a per-plate basis regardless of the plate content. The fee may be reviewed by CSIRO on a 6-monthly basis each year, on the basis of factors including but not limited to the cost of consumables, maintenance and labour and CPI increases. Any variation to the Fee will be communicated in writing to you in advance of any such variation.