Core C3 Staff

Janet Newman: Janet is C3’s director, she put the initial infrastructure together in 2006 and has been developing it ever since. Janet’s research is focused on standardising the experimental approach to crystallisation/structure determination at a global level, as well as directing research for automated image analysis and novel tools to enhance crystallisation efficiency.  Janet has over 30 years experience in academic and commercial laboratories, developing automation technologies for protein crystallisation.

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Bevan Marshall: Bevan is the staff scientist at C3. After having completed a PhD in structural biology he now focuses on developing and extending methodologies to facilitate robust and reproducible crystallisation of proteins.

Present Post Docs & Students

The CSIRO C3 interacts with numerous post-doctoral researchers and students, in varying capacities. The following early career researchers collaborate with the C3.

Matthew Dennis (Industrial Postdoc, CRC for Cancer Therapeutics): Matthew is a Postdoctoral Fellow working in collaboration with CTx. He has experience in structural biology and surface plasmon resonance.

Alex Caputo (CSIRO Early Research Career Postdoc): Alex is an X-ray crystallographer and works on projects in the areas of drug discovery and enzyme engineering.

Past C3ers, Students and Postdocs (and where they are now)
Nick Rosa (PhD Candidate, Monash University)
Marko Ristic (PhD Candidate,  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Sumeet Bal (CSIRO Mass Sepctrometry)
Tiannan Sha
Gabi Abrahams
Lachlan Wallace
Allen Gu
Lachlan Wallace
Breon Schmidt ( ? )
Christine Robinson (freed at last from CSIRO)
David Ratcliffe (Senior Experimental Scientist, Data61)
Del Lucent (Wilkes University, USA)
John Bentley (CSIRO Biomedical Manufacturing)
Konstantin Knoblich (University of Birmingham, UK)
Laura Castelli (CSIRO Biomedical Manufacturing)
Leonie Van’t Hag (Postdoc, ETH Zurich)
Michelle Chan ( ? )
Ming Bo ( ? )
Pat Pilling (CSIRO Biomedical Manufacturing)
Randy Suryadinata (Business Development, Indonesia)
Sahil Balotra ( ? )
Sandeep Chabra (Harvard University)
Sarina Meusburger ( ? )
Sebastien Desbois (PhD student, Latrobe Univeristy)
Shane Seabrook (CSIRO Services)
Stephanie Li ( Honours student, Burnet Institute )
Tam Pham (CSIRO Biomedical Manufacturing)
Thamali Lekamge ( ? )
Vincent Fazio (CSIRO Mineral Resources)
Ykelien Boersma (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)