C3 Software

We have web-based tools to allow our clients to book, view and optimise their experiments. This makes C3 accessible to local, national and international research groups. All of our software is under constant development and we appreciate feedback so that it can be further tuned to the needs of our users.

Online booking system

The online booking system lets you manage when crystallisation experiments are conducted, and is the main portal for the users to provide the information we need to set up the requested experiments. We have an intuitive wizard that walks through the process of describing an experiment.
This is also the site for booking in requests to make user-defined screens, requesting plates for collection, and booking time on the light microscopes in C3.
The booking software provides information on the status of the C3, and displays information about user samples, and has a useful applet for estimating how much protein sample to send.

USER GUIDE: Make a booking

C6 – Comparison of crystallisation conditions

We have developed the C6 Webtool to make it easy for you to see what screens we have available, to find out what is in all of our screens, and to find screens with specific properties. We are also constantly updated and refining many features in this webtool. This has been developed for the structural biology community, and we encourage you to share it with research scientists that are not users of the CSIRO C3 facility.


See3 – Viewing software

The See3 application allows you to view and score your experiments; all the information about your experiment is available making it an ideal online workbook.  A complete user guide can be found on the site (upper right corner).

USER GUIDE: Viewing and Scoring

In addition it provides an optimisation function that allows users to rapidly design optimisation screens – either grid screens, random optimisations or additive optimisations.

USER GUIDE: Optimisation