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Soil-borne disease control

Jonathan Anderson, Lingling Gao, Louise Thatcher, Nick Pain, Ramona Kerr, Karam Singh

Soilborne diseases pose significant constraints to crop production across Australia. In many areas multiple pathogens are present in the soil, yet the impacts of their interactions are largely unknown. This area of research investigates the consequences of the presence of multiple pathogens in the soil using glasshouse and laboratory techniques. It also aims to identify how the pathogens interact and the mechanisms underlying any synergy in disease development. We work closely with colleagues in various state agriculture departments in this project. The findings from this research will contribute to the development of improved on-farm practices to manage soil-borne diseases.


Combinations of soil-borne diseases can have substantial effects on crop performance.

Mock, non-inoculated control; Rs, Rhizoctonia solani; FCR, Fusarium crown rot; Pn, Pratylenchus neglectus.