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Monitoring impact

Monitoring impact of the Crofton weed rust fungus

The easiest approach to monitor long-term impact of the fungus on crofton weed is to identify a suitable photopoint at the release site and take photos at the time of release and in subsequent years. The photopoint can be marked with a post or indicated in some other ways so that successive photos of the same area are taken. The photopoint should not be obstructed by tree growth in the future and ideally the photo should be taken from south to north to minimise shading. The photo taken should ideally have a permanent feature in it, such as a distinct tree, to help future comparison between photos.

Example of a photopoint at Mt Keira, NSW, with photographs taken before and at each of the two years following the release of the Crofton weed rust fungus.

For more details on long-term impact monitoring download the following instructions: