Blue carbon ecosystems (mangroves, seagrasses and tidal marshes) generate multiple benefits including climate mitigation through high rates of carbon sequestration, provision of food and habitat for species that support recreational and commercial fisheries, and protection from the damaging effects of storm waves and surges.

The conservation and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems is an effective climate solution that could deliver substantial mitigation of CO2 (restoration alone could offset up to two per cent of current global emissions).

Together CSIRO and BHP are investing approximately $3.3 million to measure and quantify the net emissions reduction potential of Australia’s mangroves, seagrasses and tidal marshes.

This project follows a science-based approach that builds upon existing knowledge to map and estimate the climate change mitigation potential (measured as CO2-e) of blue carbon ecosystems in Australia, and further develop the science required for estimating other ecosystem benefits.