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A state-of-the-art solar forecasting system

The Cloud180CAM technology provides solar forecasts, which enable remote hybrid power stations to manage the impacts of clouds and reduce their diesel.

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solar panels under blue skyCost and efficiency savings

Cloud180CAM can generate massive cost and efficiency savings. It does this by reducing fossil fuel consumption by smoothing the switch between solar power and diesel generators that is required by changes in sunlight.

Cloud180CAM can typically reduce the use of diesel by up to 20 per cent – a significant saving for remote hybrid solar-diesel power stations.

Between 2017 and 2025, Cloud180CAM can have a global savings impact of $7.25 billion dollars. The system’s market analysis projects savings of up to $660 million for hybrid power station operators in Australia to 2025.

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Reliable, cost effective weather forecasting

Hybrid power solutions (usually consisting of solar panels and diesel generators) are the logical choice for powering remote communities, but it’s important to have certainty around consistency of supply.

Solar generation can be limited by clouds, meaning that solar hybrids field are not utilised to their full capacity. The fall-back is costly and emissions-intensive fossil fuel generation – diesel – for remote environments.

State-of-the-art solar forecasts

Cloud180CAM reduces costs and fossil fuel consumption by turn diesel generators “off” when there are no clouds; and only turn them back on when required.

It delivers tailored, local and relevant solar forecasts through a sky facing camera driven by computer vision and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

The compact, cost-effective system provides 30 minute forecasts, and is updated every 10 seconds, which allows hybrid solar-diesel power stations to operate at their full potential.

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Our system

Most solar farms are forced to curtail their power production due to the impacts of clouds above the farm. The result is that solar farms are not used to their full capacity and potential solar energy generation is wasted.

To address this issue we have developed the Cloud180CAM, a state-of-the-art solar forecasting system. This driven by computer vision and machine learning algorithms, which it delivers a tailored, local and relevant solar forecasts for your power system.

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Get involved

Cloud180CAM (part of CSIRO Energy) is seeking partners and clients interested in:

  • Using the Cloud180CAM system in hybrid power stations
  • Using the Cloud180CAM system in utility scale solar farms
  • Funding for further development of Cloud180CAM
  • Lean manufacturing capabilities

Cloud180CAM is ideal for:

  • Remote area power stations (RAPS)
  • Off-grid hybrid solar-diesel power stations
  • On-grid residential homes and commercial sites
  • Large utility scale solar farms

Our technology has been installed at a remote hybrid solar-diesel hybrid power station in Western Australia built and run by Hybrid Systems Australia Pty Ltd in association with Contract Power Group.

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Meet the Cloud180CAM Team

Cloud180CAM is a team from CSIRO Energy.

For media and communications opportunities, please contact our Energy Communications Manager, Claire Ginn.

For all other enquiries, please use the contact form below

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