Trish Rasmussen: Visitor and Elephant in the Woodland Coordinator

Trish was born and brought up in the Uralla Shire. She lives on part of the original family property and has a strong network of contacts across rural property owners in the Uralla Shire.  Trish is active in a number of community organisations including the Uralla Show Society as a Steward, and the Uralla Garden Club.

Trish spent 14 years working in various roles with a Dupont Australia, finally working as a regional business analyst for their Nylon Division.

From 1999 to 2010 she lived overseas with her family in Hong Kong and Germany. During this time Trish was involved with the schools her children attended in various volunteer roles including co-ordinating country liaison parents and leading an English speaking group.

Trish and her family returned to Uralla in 2010. In 2011 she joined Imacka Property & Livestock where she did the bookkeeping and worked in residential and commercial property management.

In 2016, Trish joined the Z-NET Uralla team where she leads the Home Energy Review activities. This involves developing systems and undertaking Home Energy Reviews, to assist householders identify ways of saving energy, improving the thermal performance of their homes and exploring the business case for installing rooftop solar generation. To date 37 HER’s have been completed and reported for Uralla Shire residents including both home owners and renters.

In March 2018, Trish was appointed to coordinate the Elephant in the Woodland project on sustainable firewood, a Z-NET Uralla initiative funded by NSW Environmental Trust.

Trish has presented the outcomes of her work at two Community Energy Events – North coast Community Energy Forum and Sustainable Futures Convention 2017 Gloucester. She is currently working with Gloucester on the implementation of Home Energy Reviews in their community.

Trish has organised and co-ordinated a number of workshops on home energy and the making of resource videos. She is active in social media and regularly updating Z-NET Uralla’s Facebook page with information to assist the community.

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