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Peter Brown: Senior Research Scientist

Peter is an ecologist working in agricultural systems looking at the multiple dimensions of decision making by farmers to improve livelihoods. He is involved in a wide array of projects in Australia and internationally focused on understanding the impediments to the capacity to adapt to a range of issues (eg climate change, pests, natural resource management).

Peter is involved in three main areas of work.

(1) Exploring the utility of multi-stakeholder forums (“Innovation Platforms”) to overcome a range of production bottlenecks and to improve the uptake of conservation agriculture and sustainable intensification practices. He coordinates a range of social and economic components of the Sustainable and Resilient Farming Systems Intensification (SRFSI) project in the Eastern Gangetic Plains (Indian states of Bihar and West Bengal, Terai of Nepal, and Northwest Bangladesh).

(2) Understanding and improving adoption of agricultural innovations (new ideas, technologies or practices) for the benefit of smallholder farmers, co-leading efforts to develop Smallholder ADOPT (see

(3) Developing strategies for monitoring and managing Australia’s rodent pests for the grains and pork industries, leading efforts to develop ecologically-based rodent management strategies.

Follow Peter’s research on ResearchGate, ResearcherID, and Google Scholar, and Twitter.

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