Kavina Dayal: Post Doctoral Fellow

Kavina is a Post Doctoral Fellow at CSIRO Agriculture and Food in Australia.

Kavina is originally from Fiji. She studied Meteorology at University of Hawaii at Manoa (Bachelors 2012 and Masters 2014) funded by a prestigious East-West Center scholarship. She then moved to Brisbane in 2015 to do her PhD in Climate Science and Numerical Modelling at the University of Southern Queensland, finishing in 2017. Kavina started with CSIRO as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Integrating Climate Forecasts into Digital Agriculture in 2018, based in Hobart, Tasmania. Kavina is passionate about carrying out innovative and impactful research of strategic importance to increase the value of climate forecasts in the broader context of digital agriculture.

Kavina loves Labradors and Golden Retrievers. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as bush walking and has recently discovered her new interest in Archery.

Follow Kavina’s research on ResearchGate, and Google Scholar.

Contact Kavina: Kavina.Dayal@csiro.au