Kavina Dayal

Post Doctoral Fellow

Kavina has a background in Climate Science and codifies her research insights and provide metrics to inform decision-making around sustainable productivity and climate adaptation. She does this by integrating climate intelligence from seasonal to long term into agricultural decisions (on-farm level). Kavina translates the state-of-art climate model outputs to end user needs in agricultural sector by building innovative digital products using climate data. Kavina’s approach leverages remote sensing, machine learning, and a strong climate science domain knowledge. She is particularly interested in developing innovative techniques of risk analysis in line with the operational requirements of agricultural and land applications. Kavina has authored 15+ scientific articles in international, peer-reviewed journals and book chapters.

When not at work, Kavina finds herself hiking Tasmanian trails and exploring the rich wilderness.

Follow Kavina’s research on ResearchGate, and Google Scholar.

Contact Kavina: Kavina.Dayal@csiro.au