Janine Chang Fung Martel: PhD student

Janine is a Veterinarian currently undertaking a PhD on the effect of extreme climatic events on dairy. She works with real dairy farms in Victoria to determine the impact of historical heat events and estimate the effect of different adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate change in order to facilitate preparedness to future climates while remaining sustainably productive. For Janine, it is important that her work has real impact so she enjoys interacting and communicating with those that would benefit from our results and ensure it remains relevant.

In the past, Janine has worked in various animal-related fields in clinic, industry, research and in education. These include as an Animal Health Researcher for Tassal, as a Lecturer at James Cook University and in epidemiological surveillance projects of avian influenza and feline immunodeficiency virus.

Outside of work, Janine enjoys Bikram yoga, swimming and collecting plants. She is a very good ornamental plants gardener but can’t seem to grow anything edible!

Follow Janine’s research on ResearchGateGoogle Scholar, and ResearcherID.

Contact Janine: janine.changfungmartel@csiro.au