Di He

Research Scientist

Di is focusing on modelling crop-environment interactions enables to deliver new process understanding and strategies to better predict crop yield as well as soil properties, reduce on-ground measurement costs, improve management and enhance agricultural production.

Di commenced her PhD research work in CSIRO in early 2015, with an initial focus on modelling the Genotype by Environment by Management (GxExM) interactions of canola to quantify canola yield potential and to identify options for increasing canola yield. Since early 2018, Di started working in Digiscape’s Improving Australia’s digital soil map project as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. She has adopted her modelling skills to develop process-based approaches for inversely predicting functional soil properties by combining crop modelling with new field and remotely sensed data streams.

Follow Di’s research on ResearchGate and Google Scholar.

Contact Di: Di.He@csiro.au