With an initial focus on dryland broadacre cropping, FarmPrint embraces a cradle-to-farm-gate approach, measuring not just the greenhouse gas output of on-farm activities, but also the embedded emissions that are found elsewhere in the supply chain – for example in fertilisers, chemicals and diesel. Crucially, FarmPrint allows farmers to assess their environmental performance against regional benchmark data and to monitor environmental aspects beyond greenhouse gas emissions.

The FarmPrint pilot development has been co-ordinated by Dr Maartje Sevenster, a Senior Research Scientist and Team Leader with CSIRO’s Climate Smart Agriculture Group. Dr Sevenster says there is clearly an appetite for a tool like FarmPrint within the sector. “We know that many landholders are interested in the idea of measuring their emissions, but there has been confusion about what process and tool is most credible. There is definitely a need for consistent methodology that is applicable in a specifically Australian context, and that’s what FarmPrint can offer.”

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