The agricultural sector is sensitive to climate risk. Agriculture is considered to be “climate smart” when it contributes to increasing food security, adaptation and mitigation in a sustainable way.

The Climate Smart Agriculture group builds opportunities in developing and developed countries to find overlap in economic/livelihood, environmental and mitigation opportunities. The group helps primary industries, enterprises and communities to adapt to climate change by:

  • providing practical adaptation strategies that will ensure the long term viability of rural enterprises and communities threatened by climate change
  • exploring adaptation options and tools for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and mining industries and communities that can assist policy makers to minimise negative consequences of climate change and take advantage of new opportunities
  • developing new management techniques and technologies that enable industries and enterprises to adapt to climate change.

The Climate Smart Agriculture group integrates economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development by jointly addressing food security and climate change.

Header photo credit: Farm Land, South Australia by russellstreet is licensed under CC BY 2.0. This image has been cropped.