Resilient Cities

September 3rd, 2019

Changes to the ways we design, construct and live in cities and use buildings and infrastructure will enable the transition to a sustainable Circular Economy supported by Resilient Cities. Supporting high density housing or shared housing, instead of promoting continued urban sprawl, and designing buildings with longevity and multiple purposes to extend their lifespans, as well as investigating the way consumers use buildings and infrastructure will have to change, including the development of a shared economy to maximise asset utilisation (e.g. renting, sharing, co-living, leasing) forms key principles for research in this area. In addition, furthering our ability to recycle and recover resources from waste generated our urban centres remains a key research driver for CSIRO, supported by our multidisciplinary teams that investigate technical development of waste management and resource recovery processes, socio-economics and materials flow accounting.

Some of CSIRO’s key case studies for Resilient Cities and Circular Economy are listed here. Follow the links for further information.

Urban Edge Development

The Urban Edge Partnership (UEP) is a strategic research collaboration between CSIRO and the property sector, exploring the role of ‘greenfield development’ in catalysing innovation in urban design, critical infrastructure and essential services.

Urban Green Infrastructure

We have collaborated with urban researchers and practitioners to set a national research agenda for green infrastructure in our cities.

Urban Living Labs and Resilient Cities for the Future

With the urban environment facing a variety of environmental, social, economic and technological challenges, Urban Living Lab offers a new way for researchers, industry, community and government to co-innovate; moving our cities into a more liveable, sustainable and resilient future. Understanding how cities can adapt to future challenges is critically important for the future of humanity. We are mapping and modelling energy use and creating innovative new tools to manage consumption in homes, businesses and across cities. We are developing planning, design and management solutions to help Australia’s cities and coasts adapt to a changing climate.