• Heinz Schandl, PhD in Sociology, is a senior science leader at the CSIRO based in Canberra. Heinz leads a research group for Urban and Industrial Transformations in CSIRO’s Land and Water Program and his research looks at economically attractive opportunities for resource efficiency, waste minimization and greenhouse gas abatement. He leads CSIRO’s Circular Economy Initiative and looks after CSIRO’s global research for understanding the environmental impacts of population and consumption identifying policies and technologies that guide a transition to sustainable consumption and production.
  • Naomi Boxall researches waste innovation and biotechnological processes for environmental and industrial applications in the mining, and waste and wastewater treatment industries, with a particular emphasis on closing loops and circular economy. She has a keen interest in process design and development, optimisation and techno-economic assessment.
  • Colleen MacMillan, PhD in crop molecular biology, is a senior research scientist fascinated by crop secondary cell-walls and their uses – from the molecular- to the macro- scales, from individual genes to gene-networks and materials. Colleen researches plant fibres with differentiated properties for biodegradable, renewable plant-based industries and commodities, and is the Cotton Fibre Quality Team Leader in CSIRO Agriculture and Food based in Canberra. She considers Circular Economy principles provide significant value for people, profit and planet, for example throughout the textile value chain, from fibre design and growth, manufacture, use, and end-of-life.
  • Pablo Juliano is a food supply chain transformation leader with strong background on innovation in food processing and bioproduct diversion, transformation and value addition into high value food and feed through circular economy business models. He is the CSIRO representative on the National Food Waste Strategy and Implementation steering committee.