Energy & Circular Economy

September 4th, 2019

CSIRO research is supporting a circular economy by investigating alternative fuels and energy pathways to maximise energy efficiency whilst minimising emissions and footprints with cleaner energy technologies.

Cleaner coal

Helping to improve mine safety and developing smarter extraction and carbon capture techniques, which help lower emissions. Research is focused on developing automated and smart technology for improving mine safety and productivity, optimising and automating coal processing plants and technologies, and reducing the impact of transport by improving efficiency of material transfer, characterisation, and monitoring of storage and movement.

Efficient electricity grids and systems

Through economic modelling and design of intelligent systems, we are improving energy efficiency through the development of intelligent models, systems and management tools which change the way energy is used and transmitted in homes, buildings and industry.

Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform

CSIRO’s Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform is creating new science, capabilities, and technologies across the emerging hydrogen value chain, supporting new Australian industries and large-scale emissions reduction.

Making renewable energy reliable

We are developing next generation energy storage technologies that use thermal and solar energy, batteries and ceramics to manage the delivery and flow of electricity, and targeting end of life management of battery wastes.

Sustainable unlocking of oil and gas resources

Understanding and unlocking Australia’s onshore and offshore gas and oil resources and enabling the safe, efficient and sustainable development of our resource wealth.

Low emissions technologies

Development of new technologies that facilitate the development of low emissions energy sources and improve emissions from existing sources. These include low emissions electricity from coal and advanced carbon power technologies, carbon capture and storage, and material development for hydrogen separation.

Energy efficiency test centres

As experts in energy efficiency we have invested in state-of-the-art facilities – including our HVAC and REIF facilities – to test heating, cooling, climate and energy storage.

CSIRO Energise

A new app that allows you to contribute to our national energy research.

Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA)

The CSIRO’s Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) is a collaboration between CSIRO, Commonwealth and state governments and industry established to undertake publicly-reported independent research. The purpose of GISERA is for CSIRO to provide quality assured scientific research and information to communities living in gas development regions focusing on social and environmental topics including: groundwater and surface water, biodiversity, land management, the marine environment, human health and socio-economic impacts. The governance structure for GISERA is designed to provide for and protect research independence and transparency of research outputs.