Ending Plastic Waste

September 2nd, 2019

Can we reduce Australia’s plastic waste entering the environment by 80% by 2030?

Using a systems approach, CSIRO aims to bring together policy and regulatory changes, industry investment and decision making, and behavioural change to drive our onshore plastic waste treatment and recycling markets.

Through thorough problem characterisation, market development and generation of world leading technologies, domestic successes will be scaled up and applied globally through our international partners, leading to massive improvements in plastic waste management by 2030.

Sources, distribution and fate of marine debris

CSIRO conducts world-leading, award winning research into marine debris in Australia and beyond, on land and at sea, to help protect ecosystems and wildlife.

The recycling plastics market: global analysis and trends

Reviews and analyses the recycling industry in Australia and internationally. It provides a strong case for the development of innovative technologies that will help to improve the management and processing of plastic waste and improve global environmental outcomes.