Circular Food & Agriculture

September 4th, 2019

CSIRO’s world renown research expertise in Agriculture & Food is aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency of the agriculture and food sectors, while minimising the impact on water, soil quality, biodiversity, ecosystems and climate change. Research is also focused on the development of new food sources to meet the demand of growing populations.

Using food waste to make nutritious ingredients 

Researchers from CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre have developed a method to return lost food-grade biomass into the food supply as value-added ingredients and food products. Using apple pomace as a model food source, the team developed a process for stabilising apple pomace to prevent its physical, chemical and microbial degradation. This creates a nutritious and functional ingredient that retains its flavour, nutritional values and complies with food safety regulations. This process can also be applied to other fruits, vegetables and horticulture products, such as broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, peach, olives and grapes.

CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre

CSIRO’s food innovation centre makes it easy for food, ingredient and equipment manufacturing companies to access our extensive expertise, technologies and support in innovation. From adopting innovative technologies and improving process efficiency to creating high value products for new markets, we partner with industry every day.